What we can do for you

We are here to help

We offer a multitude of options, in a variety of areas to help support and improve your business. Put our broad skill set and years of experience to work in your business and see what happens! 

We know businesses are often spread thin, which can impact the ability to identify and implement the right solutions.

We are here to assist you to fill the gaps where you need it most.

Whether it be to review current services and expenditure, researching and delivering new services and solutions,
assisting to build or execute business strategy, or working with you and your team to coach and lead, we are up for the challenge!

our iT and Telecommunications offerings:

• Agnostic technology consultancy – If it plus into power or has a battery, we are interested!

• ICT and Cybersecurity environment reviews, strategy creation, and recommendations.

• Fixed line and mobile telecommunications reviews – provider agnostic.

• Technology, solution, process, people and skill gap analysis.

• Strategic ICT planning and troubleshooting.

• Network, cyber and cloud strategy, procurement and service / support delivery.

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our business offerings:

• Agnostic business consultancy and project management services. 

• Strategic business planning and troubleshooting.

• Technology, process, people and skill gap analysis.

• Business, management, sales and leadership coaching and mentoring.

• Workshop facilitation and training delivery

• Instructional design writing (Training content, policy and process).

ICT System, Environment and Account health checks:

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When was the last time your systems and ICT accounts had an independent, unbiased and educated health check?

• What should I be paying for services and solutions, and how do I know if I’m getting the best deal?
• What services do I actually need, and what can I cancel without negative impact?
• Am I getting the most out of my services, solutions, carriers or providers?
• What are my options and who do I talk to next?

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know the right questions to ask to get the results they desire without introducing additional risk.
Anyone can drop your spend, but that can lead to a lesser service unless you know what to look for..

We individually tailor our healthchecks to each clients needs to ensure you have the right information  to make the right decisions.

Items we can review for you:

• Equipment, network and system scalability / limitations.
• Infrastructure and system robustness and suitability.
• Potential operational or design risks.
• Network, system and end point security
• Cybersecurity maturity level.
• Cybersecurity risk mitigation strategy.
• Hardware age and suitability (Servers, desktops, laptops, switches, routers, firewalls and peripherals).
• Power and surge protection (UPS) needs and suitability.
• Backup and disaster recovery strategy.
• IT and Telecommunications systems, accounts and costs.
• People, skills, policy and overarching ICT strategy.

On completion we provide a detailed report in easy to understand terms showing a breakdown of all services and costs from each provider/segment.
We provide insights and recommendations, an outline of potential savings to secure, and a prioritised remedial strategy mapped to best practice, and we can even assist to action items as required!

Business Support Options:

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Running a successful business is hard enough, but recent changes have brought new challenges to contend with..

Business owners and management are constantly navigating a broad range of issues. These can span from keeping their teams and customers safe, to overcoming supply chain issues, skill shortages, having team members work remotely, or reorienting operations by implementing new technologies and processes.

Its hard enough for businesses to get good help at the best of times, but where do you get it from, and who can afford another full time wage in this economic climate?

DGC Business & Technology Solutions offer a range of business support options to help. Our offerings range from adhoc or ongoing project assistance,
to Business coaching and mentoring, and even acting as an outsourced/virtual General Manager, IT Manager or Chief Technology Officer when you need it.

We are experienced with and passionate about:

• Skill, business and system gap analysis, performance reviews, 360 degree team and strategic business reviews.
• Working with you to build, troubleshoot and execute the business strategy your business needs.
• Creating training content and facilitating and delivering team and departmental workshops. 
• Business, management, greater and individual team member coaching and mentoring.
• Creating, reviewing and implementing policy and process.
• Improving customer experience and team engagement.
• Managing projects and getting things back on track.